Pre-Lubes, Post-Lubes & others


Would you like to prolongue your Nash-Hash-Weekend? Please find here soon more information about the C.R.A.P.-region Bonn/Köln/Düsseldorf…


Crappy fairytale run in the Seven Mountains (Siebengebirge, Bonn/Oberkassel). Start will be at the Oberkassel/Bonn Trainstation. Onafter: Winebars of Oberkassel and/or Bonn Altstadt.
Since we are in the 7 mountains dress up as your favorite fairy tale character. The next day we can go together to Duesseldorf!
Please make your own accomodation from Thursday to Friday!
Your contact for more details: Snake Charmer!

…or check this document: download

hared by Colonel Clit and Slot Machine on Monday, 20 June 2016

Place: Boothaus ‘Alte Liebe’
Address: Rodenkirchener Leinpfad, 50996 Köln /Cologne
Link: Click here for a map
Time: 7 pm (19:00 Uhr)
Run fee: 5.00 Euros (hash and circle)
Hares: Colonel Clit & Slot Machine
On After: Beer & BBQ at Laramie Ranch; If you want to stay on for the BBQ, there will be small extra charge, probably about 5.00 Euros.

– City of Cologne campgrounds are within walking distance of on-after
− Nearest Youth Hostel is a few kilometers/miles north in Köln-Deutz
− Or you can return to the Youth Hostel in Düsseldorf

Come enjoy the afternoon sun at the ‘Cologne Riviera’ on the deck of a Rhine barge turned into the floating bar ‘Alte Liebe’ and have some refreshments before heading out on trail. Link

The Boot House is 2 minute walk from S-Bahn station and Park’n’Ride lot „Heinrich-Lübke-Ufer“. It is serviced by Tram Lines 16 and 17, and Bus 130.

For Hashers interested doing the Pre-Lube in Bonn and the Post-Lube in Cologne, the Crap recommends to fly into Adenauer Airport in Köln/Bonn.

Check this document as well: download

Other maybe-interesting things:
– Rheinbahn: local bus/train/tram map and website for Düsseldorf
Bus 721 (transfer from Düsseldorf Airport to Mainstation)
Düsseldorf guide (english) (epaper)
Düsseldorf insights (deutsch)